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    What’s in my Beauty Bag

    I am often questioned about my makeup regime, so I put together this guide featuring four products that are ALWAYS in my beauty bag. What are you favorites? I would love to…

  • Beauty

    Side Wrap Braid

    Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or attending a black tie affair, a special occasion calls for a special hairdo! For some people like myself who prefer to wear their hair down, a…

  • Beauty

    Function of Beauty

    Shopping for shampoo and conditioner is overwhelming. More times than not I find myself standing in the haircare aisle for an embarrassing amount of time, aimlessly staring at all of the bottles.…

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    Ashley Sievert Beauty

    Flawless skin…who doesn’t want that?! If you’re following this blog then chances are high you also keep tabs on the latest and greatest in beauty must-haves. Do yourself a favor and add…

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    Half Up Faux Hawk

    Take an edgy outfit to the next level with an equally edgy hairstyle! When the girls at the Red Chair Salon got word that I was going to the Metallica concert, they…