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Classic Colors Don’t Have to be Boring!

I often dismiss classic colors as "boring." However, some of my favorite looks are solid black. How's that for a double entendre?! This outfit, for instance, received the most attention during New York Fashion Week. It goes to show you that classic colors really aren't that boring after all...they just have to be "done" right! …

Lifestyle blogger Kelsey Kaplan of Kelsey Kaplan Fashion wearing tinsel fringe jacket and Stuart Weitzman boots
Fashion, Outfit of the Day

Tinsel Fringe Jacket

I love fashion because it is a form of silent expression. You can tell a lot about a person based on the clothing that they are wearing. If there is one item in my closet that perfectly describes my personality, it is this tinsel fringe jacket! In five words this jacket is: bubbly, confident, happy, …

Fashion, Outfit of the Day

NYFW in an Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress

New York Fashion Week is: glamorous, exhausting, educational, and sometimes painful, but at the end of the day it is SO much fun! It is glamorous because everyone dresses to IMPRESS. It's exhausting because it's several consecutive days of "performing" and primping. It's educational because you are learning about the upcoming trends. And if you're …