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Cutout Sandals

  • Fashion, Outfit of the Day

    Blush Blouse

    Whether you like it or not, the fall season is quickly approaching, and with that comes a change in attire. It used to be that after Labor Day you’d pack up your…

  • Fashion, Outfit of the Day

    Bell Sleeves

    One of the many perks of having a friend who is a store owner is that you get the inside scoop on the season’s hottest fashion trends. When Nancy of Current Clothing…

  • Fashion, Outfit of the Day

    Embroidered Jacket

    When you live in San Francisco, there is no such thing as too many jackets…jackets of all kinds! And as odd as it sounds, the “summer” months are actually the coldest months…

  • Fashion, Outfit of the Day

    Yellow Gown

    A couple of days ago I discussed pre-wedding attire. But what does a fashion blogger wear to attend the big day?! My first instinct for a summer wedding is to wear pink!…

  • Fashion, Outfit of the Day

    Chic Casual

    Today’s look is what I refer to as “chic casual.” If you don’t yet own an ensemble like this, hop to it! Perfect for a mild summer day, or when the fog…