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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

After all your mom put up with and did for you during your childhood years, she deserves a little special treatment this weekend. Rather than a gift certificate or bottle of perfume, do something unique and truly heartfelt.


Think about all of those times your mother had 100 things to and places to be, in the same day, yet she still managed to prepare your favorite meal for dinner. Pay your respects and invite her over for some wine and homemade appetizers! Not sure what to make?! Fry up some halloumi cheese. Find my recipe here.



If you already have plans to swoon over mom at her place, then maybe prepping some apps and bites isn’t an option. If she’s got a sweet tooth then whip her up a cake! If she’s a chocolate fan, try this super easy Nutella No Bake Cake. If she prefers fruity sweets, try my other favorite, the Pineapple Delight Pie (pictured below).




Rather than hitting the local florist or 1-800 flowers this year, make a project out of it and design your own floral arrangement. Check out this cute idea with mason jars. As long as you have enough time for the paint to dry, you could definitely crank out some of these “last minute.”



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If crafts and cooking aren’t your thing, no need to worry. “Mom in a Jar” is the perfect happy medium! Pick up a large apothecary jar at your local craft goods store (Michael’s should have them) and stuff it with all of the things your mama adores. Think sweet treats, makeup, nail polish, hand cream. Really anything that’ll fit in there.



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For more gift ideas and recipes, peruse my boards on Pinterest.

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