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Sombre the Right Way

When it comes to your luscious locks, you have the right to be protective of ’em. Let’s get real, your hair says a lot about your sense of style, and it shapes your face! So when it comes to finding a trustworthy hair stylist, do your research! Whether this is dropping by to check out the salon, reading reviews, or perusing through before and afters on Instagram, it’s worth the effort. I must admit I did all of the above when I first arrived to SF a couple of years ago. If you’re new to the city or ready for a change, call your search off and go see Kristin at the Red Chair Salon!




Conveniently located in the middle of fashionista haven, aka Union Street, this gem is perfect if you are looking for a high end full service salon. Kristin, owner and stylist, is always bubbly and ready to listen! If there is such thing as a hair psychic, I’ve found your girl. More often times than not, Kristin knows exactly what I’m looking for in my new do, before I even know what I am looking for in my new do! A year and a half of maintenance cuts and style sessions later, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and experimented with color. Super stoked with how it turned out, I am excited to share with you a Red Chair Salon experience!





Kristin is a firm believer in consultations. She takes her time to learn what the client wants. Afterall, the happiest clients are those with reasonable expectations and sometimes what you think you want is not possible with your hair type. Kristin uses the balayage technique to color hair. This technique is suitable for various color styles (highlights, ombre, color melt, etc.), but she finds it particularly efficient when creating an ombre (or in my case a sombre) hairstyle. “It’s all about the saturation of the strands,” says Kristin, “with an ombre or sombre color job, you want the ends to pop. By using the balayage technique, I’m able to paint the front and back of the strands.” There you have it, balayage by Kristin!



Front view sombre color


Side view sombre color

Scary before (yikes!)

Scary before (yikes!)

Lovely after


If you’re itching for a new look, but prefer something low maintenance, a sombre hairstyle is for you. Hop to it and book an appointment online here. Don’t forget to tell Lindsey, the friendly voice on the phone, that KK and GG sent you. If you are reading the email version of this post, visit for the web version as well as many other beauty posts.

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