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Cinco de Mayo attire and food.

It is a good day in the Kaplan household because it is Cinco de Mayo, and we LOVE Mexican food. If you follow me on Instagram, than you already caught a glimpse of my fiesta attire. It would not be a party without a proper outfit. I took advantage of the occasion to rock another off the shoulder shirt. This trend is not going anywhere so now is the time to stock up on these hot items. Going for an easy and chic vibe, I styled this top with distressed denim and a straw clutch from Jest Jewels that I am absolutely smitten over (no pun intended). Polishing off the look with contrasting yellow earrings, and cutout sandals, this ensemble is easy to replicate and great for a casual springtime soirée.


cinco de mayo attire

cinco de mayo attire

cinco de mayo attire


After living in Louisiana for half a decade I became a food snob. “The Boot” is highly regarded for its seafood and cajun cuisine, but the truth is, all food prepared there is absolutely divine. This is especially true with Mexican food. Confession: I dream about El Gato Negro at least once a month. To me, there are certain criteria that make an ok Mexican restaurant a great one. Sounds ridiculous, and my hubby rolls his eyes at me, but it must be something in my hispanic blood (at least I have that!) because, “great” Mexican food is the only thing that San Francisco is lacking. So what takes Mexican food to another level!?



Right now you are either confused or rolling your eyes at me too. I kid you not, in the Mission, where “all of the best Mexican food is,” 95% of the joints do not serve margaritas. I am sorry, but there is nothing more satisfying than washing down your chips and guacamole with a marg.



Aside from the chips and salsa, what is the next most common item you would expect to find at a Mexican restaurant? Burritos and enchiladas…that is what I thought. Again, unless you are at a taqueria, sippin’ on a diet coke, you will not find them on a dinner menu at SF establishments. Thank you Tia Margarita!


Queso Fundido

There is a difference between liquid ballpark nacho cheese and queso fundido. Queso fundido or flameado is a baked cheese dish that is broiled with vegetables and often times Chorizo, the Spanish sausage. To date, the only San Fran restaurant with queso fundido is Colibri. It is delicious, if you are willing to settle for a taco, burrito, and enchilada-less dinner.


Corn tortillas

I do not maintain a gluten free diet. In fact, I do not think that I could because I love bread, and pasta. However, to me, corn tortillas are not only tastier than flour, but they are lighter and often handmade. Think of them as the Mexican version of a pancake. Luckily Colibri and Tia Margarita offer them.


cinco de mayo attire

cinco de mayo attire


Moral of the story…if you live in SF and want queso fundido and a margarita for dinner, go to Colibri. If you can do without the extra cheese, but you are craving burritos and enchiladas with your margs, go to Tia Margarita. Considering we got our fundido fix earlier this week, we indulged at TM for Cinco de Mayo. Now do you see why my husband cuts me off when someone asks us about Mexican Cuisine in the Bay Area?!


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