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Custom iPhone Case + Promo Code

It is never ok to sacrifice style. Your fashion style is a visual way to express yourself through clothes and accessories. Whether you are wearing such adornments or they are just along for the ride, they still make a statement about YOU. Common items such as: keychains, dog leashes, iPhone cases, and laptop skins are easily forgotten, but they all contribute to the cause.




If we have anything in common aside from a passion for fashion then you too cannot live without your phone! No different than a purse or wallet, you will never leave the house without it. Show your prized possession some love and dress it up with a fashionable case from caseapp.




Whether you embellish a fabulous pre-made case, or start from scratch, design a fashion masterpiece of a case from home. I juggled with the idea of uploading a pic of my dog, GG, but ultimately decided to add a little bit of flair to one of the stock designs. From animal prints, playful patterns, wood, to marble, there’s something for everyone.




I added my blog name, “Kelsey Kaplan Fashion,” to a blush and marble stock design, and it just so happens to match my branding perfectly! As if I needed another reason for my phone to be in my hands 24/7…it’s just too good not to show off! Next on my wish list is a matching laptop skin. Can you blame me?! It’s your lucky day! Save 20% when you build a custom iPhone case or laptop skin with promo code “KELSEYKAPLAN20.”


custom iPhone case


P.S. These photos were shot at Jane on Filmore over breakfast. I indulged in the multigrain peanut butter and banana toast (topped with honey) and a decaf soy latte.


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  • Reply Katie June 20, 2016 at 9:47 am

    Love that phone case! And Jane! It’s my favorite spot on Fillmore.

    Katie X

    Pepper & Piper

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