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Eating Through Florence – Guide to a Tasty Vaca

Eating through Florence…is there anything better?! Below are a few restaurant picks that have my mouthwatering just reminiscing about them!


Comfort Food

If you’re on a proper Italian holiday, you’ve probably visited more than one Italian city and eaten your fair share of pasta and bread. For a delicious break from the carb overload, head to Harry’s Bar for All-American comfort food. Positioned right across from the river and minutes from Ponte Vecchio, the burger will not disappointment you after a busy day of sightseeing. Bonus: The assortment of wine and spirits is very impressive and the bartender discusses your options table-side. He makes a mean martini.


eating through florence



Oh Em Gee! Never have I ever eaten a more delectable frozen dessert than the gelato at La Carraia! The hazelnut flavor literally tasted like spoonfuls of Nutella straight out of the jar – my ULTIMATE guilty pleasure. Whoa! It wasn’t until after I devoured my sugar cone that I noticed they also serve chocolate hazelnut and yogurt and Nutella flavors. Jonathan thoroughly enjoyed pistachio cream while we admired the very spoiled privileged Italian pups scarf down some vanilla. No joke! Other notable flavors include: Salted Peanut Butter, Mango, Chocolate Chip, and Cottage Cheese and Pear. Take me back!



Minutes from the St. Regis sits the very charming Caffe 900 Firenze. This little spot is as sweet as it gets for a mid day snack or treat. Enjoy fresh paninis, pasta salads, or tasty pastries over a hot beverage. I enjoyed a hot caprese sandwich while Jonathan munched on some salmon pasta. Catch up on emails while you dine in style thanks to the free wifi. Now how can I get these tables and chairs to my house in San Francisco?!


eating through florence



Firenze is known for its “Bistecca alla Fiorentina,” aka a T-bone steak, served off the bone. L’Osteria di Giovanni is where it’s at for a mouthwatering piece of meat. Aside from getting your protein fix here, other popular items include pear stuffed pasta and coccolis – a personal favorite. If you’ve ever tried a beignet from Cafe Du Monde, this is the Italian version. Instead of a fried dough pocket topped with powdered sugar, they’re sprinkled in garlic salt. Tip: Medium rare is the Italian standard – if you do not care for undercooked meat, request medium even though they will try to convince you otherwise.



In yesterday’s post, I mentioned the charming trattoria, Pandemonio. GET THE TRUFFLE PASTA! We didn’t stop talking about it for days. The tagliatelle was cooked to perfection and the sauce was just the right amount of rich and creamy. We were very gracious for the shaved white truffle on top – we weren’t expecting that! Aside from the “primi” dish, the house wine was spectacular – we went through a bottle faster than we finished our meal. Note: Florence bakers omit salt when preparing their bread. If you’re wondering why it tastes like leavened matzoh, that’s why!


eating through florence

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