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The Healing Powers of a Killer Outfit

Have you ever had a day or week where you just felt off? Of course you have…we are all human. Last week I felt defeated. Everything was annoying me and nothing was turning out the way I had planned. My computer was running out of storage, plans fell through, etc. I’m not going to sit here and whine, but I must admit that it was not a fun feeling. Across the board I am a very positive person. Most of the time I can just go for a walk and snap out of it. But when things start to pile up, looking “up” can be easier said than done. That is when I turn to my closet…



The Power of a Killer Outfit

When you’re in a funk, dress up in an outfit that makes you feel pretty! I’m not saying you have to spend money to make yourself feel better. It can be an outfit you already own. Yesterday evening the last thing I felt like doing was “modeling” for blog pics. But I ate some plantain chips (does this surprise you?!), chugged a Spindrift, and put my game face on (aka applied my makeup!). As I walked down the hallway to to grab my camera, suddenly my mood elevated. It was definitely the outfit!



If you have a special occasion coming up, YOU NEED THIS LOOK! Never have I ever received as many compliments during a photoshoot as I did at the Palace of Fine Arts, wearing this skirt and crop top. I’m not sure what I love more: the rich colors or the cascading pleats. Regardless, this outfit head to toe is only $128 – earrings and sandals included. For your reference, I am wearing a small with four inch high heels. So remember, when you’re feeling down, the happiness and confidence you are lacking might just be hanging in your closet!



Shop my Killer Outfit:

Top c/o | Skirt c/o | Sandals c/o | Earrings c/o

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