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New York Fashion Week in Five Words

Did you accompany me to New York Fashion Week by way of Instagram stories? I sure hope so, because this year was one for the books. After my fourth complete season, I am feeling more confident than ever. For newbies on the other hand, this is how I would describe the week in five words: Glamorous, exhausting, fun, expensive, and rewarding. Allow me to explain!




New York Fashion Week might as well be called “Red Carpet Week!” Insta-famous girls and guys line the streets dressed to the NINES and the photographers paparazzi stand there and wait. Call it a Kardashian lifestyle if you please! Get $25 off your service with Glamsquad – on demand makeup and hair with code KELSEYK25. BEST LIFE HACK EVER.


Imagine a job interview that lasts for five consecutive days. That’s NYFW! It is exhausting physically and emotionally. Your body is tired from getting up early and going to sleep late and your feet hurt from your high heel shoes. You’re emotionally drained after “performing” several days/hours in a row. But if there is one time of year for you to put your best foot forward, this is it. It’s prime time to nurture brand relationships and meet the face behind the @ address.


I love Instagram because it allows like-minded individuals to connect all over the world. New York Fashion Week is like a big Instagram meet up – the camaraderie is wonderful. It is SO much fun meeting and conversing with the girls behind the blogs. You know who you are…!


I’m gonna be blunt…NYFW is expensive. Between plane tickets, Ubers, accommodations, and meals, it adds up quick. Never mind the cost of “looking good” and staying on brand. While collaborations are helpful during fashion week, if you’re a control freak like me, you’re going to spend a pretty penny on apparel. Just remember, you get out of it as much as you put in!


Being recognized feels good. Whether it is by a follower or another person in the digital marketing space. It has the same affect! It means that your style is appreciated – a reminder that hard work pays off. This year I returned from NYFW feeling recharged and driven. I was featured in Harper’s Bazaar, The CUT, and The Independent, praised for my “Street Style” fashion. Pinch me! This is just the beginning…


Outfit Details:

Top c/o | Pants c/o | Booties c/o | Earrings


Outfit Details:

Top | Shorts | Boots


Outfit Details:

Dress | Spandex Set | Booties

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