Help Wanted! Part-Time Assistant/Photographer.

My sweet photographer moved out of San Francisco and I am in search of a bubbly new replacement! Candidate must be available 2-3 times per week, organized, have a positive attitude, strong attention to detail, and ability to think ahead and outside of the box. Must have an impressive photography portfolio whether that is a personal IG or professional page, and be comfortable shooting with a PROVIDED Nikon D610 with Sigma 24mm Art Lens. Some daily tasks include:

  • Unboxing and breaking down boxes
  • Uploading items to poshmark closet
  • Sending poshmark orders
  • Finding and saving links to items I am wearing or items similar to what I am wearing
  • Steaming clothes
  • Prepping clothes for photoshoots
  • Finding colorful back drops
  • Willing to attend events

Candidate must like dogs – GG accompanies me on every photoshoot! Living in San Francisco is a huge plus because parking can be very difficult. Some perks include FREE Botox (administered by my husband a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon) and Shih Tzu snuggles!

Please EMAIL me your resume ( if you think you are a good fit for this position.