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If You Own a Piece of Lululemon

Lululemon is one of the greatest creations on the planet. Just when you thought your Macy’s yoga pants were  the most comfortable article of clothing on the market, lululemon finds a way to make them even comfier. When you’ve finally found a sports bra that actually supports the girls, lululemon launches the Ta Ta Tamer, and when you’ve finally come to grips about not being able to text while you’re wearing your favorite pair of gloves, lululemon releases a “Blissed Out” pair with tech-friendly fingers. I think you catch my drift…but the one lulu item that every woman who walks the face of the earth needs to own is the Vinyasa Scarf!


The Vinyasa Scarf will be the most versatile fashion accessory in your closet and your new BFF. They call it a scarf, but it’s more substantial than your average decorative neck wrap. Its exaggerated size and snap buttons allow you to wear it 10 different ways. My favorite variations are: the shrug, the cardigan, and the hoodie.


The shrug is great to throw on on your way to Bar Method when you don’t want your “goods” too out in the open.


convertible scarf


convertible scarf


The cardigan (the shrug unbuttoned in the front) comes in handy when you want something over your shoulders, but don’t feel like heating up in a full on zip-up.


convertible scarf


The hoodie helps you go incognito when you’re in a hurry and you don’t have time to put on your concealer or eye makeup.


convertible scarf


Are you ready to buy it now?!


Click here to watch the YouTube video provided by lululemon, demonstrating how to wear your Vinyasa scarf 10 ways!

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