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Yesterday, I had the privilege of experiencing my first ever doctor “house call.” But it wasn’t for me, it was for GG! Nothing scary, she’s in great health, but just like humans are due for a check-up once in a while, so are our furry friends. I’m not going to lie, when VetPronto reached out to me with a kind introductory letter, I imagined a big red van riding up to my house, with “VetPronto” slapped on the side, and a very serious veterinarian in scrubs and a white coat. After all of that build up, I am happy to say that I was wrong – on so many levels!


When I opened the front door at 3 o’clock on the dot, the very punctual veterinarian introduced herself as Dr. Margaret Hoppe. There was no trace of a red van, and Dr. Hoppe was not dressed in scrubs or a white coat. Instead, she was casual and comfortable in nice jeans, a red top and stylish pointy-toe flats! We hit it off immediately.


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Off to the “exam room” (aka the living room) we go. Just like any typical vet visit, we started off going over GG’s medical history. Taking notes while we conversed, Dr. Hoppe was polite and quite a good listener. Throughout our discussion, we touched on various topics such as: dental health, heartworm and flea prevention and grooming tips. It could not have been more relaxed and friendly. I felt like I was simply catching up with an old animal-loving friend. GG on the other hand, was on cloud nine rolling over on her back for a belly rub. This impressed me very much because while all of her previous veterinarians took great care of her, she has NEVER been so relaxed during an exam. VetPronto is definitely “onto something” offering their services in the comfort of the owner’s home – the pet’s pad.





I think it’s safe to say GG’s comfortable with Dr. H


As I mentioned above, we covered many subjects, but below are a few points that I found particularly interesting and worth sharing:


  • Brushing an animal’s teeth is only effective if you’re doing it at least every other day. Once a week or twice a year is equivalent to a human brushing once a month.
  • Heartworm is very low risk in San Francisco. Veterinarians still encourage monthly doses of heartworm proventative, however.
  • If your pooch has sensitive skin, try bathing him or her with topical cortisone products such as Cortisoothe shampoo or Resicort leave on lotion.


Aside from the affable staff, and useful advice provided by VetPronto, they offer many conveniences right from their website. Book your house call online or get an idea how much your visit will cost you from their procedure and services menu. Not to mention medication delivery…that’s right, VetPronto will deliver your pet’s meds straight to your door! I am so down if it’ll save me from schlepping up the hills of Pacific Heights.



VetPronto is GG approved

Book an appointment with VetPronto, today, and let them know KK and GG sent you.

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