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Power Couple vs Powerful Couple

I have a problem with the term “power couple.” By referring to life partners as a “power couple,” it implies that some couples are not powerful, and perhaps they are not accomplishing life-goals together. Pardon the unsolicited advice: do NOT settle for anything less than you deserve! 



In my opinion, SUPPORT is the glue that holds every strong partnership together – not the perceived accomplishments. And you should not have to beg for it! If your partner does not support your endeavors, move on. You are a team – a united front. Your partner should get pleasure out of having your back. We all deserve empowering relationships; anything short of a powerful relationship is below par. Don’t sell yourself short! Here’s to all of the dynamic duos, the powerful couples, in business or in life, who are making bold moves!



About the Look

Petite girls rejoice: I finally found a maxi that was made just for us. This beautiful flowing skirt is available in XXSP-XLP. Words cannot express the amount of satisfaction that came over me when I left the store without going straight to the tailor! It is the small things in life. Ha! I knew these pictures would be some that I would cherish forever, so I wanted them to appear regal. The lace and maxi combo accomplished just that!

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Photography by Jenifer D Imagery.

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