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Sedona International Film Festival: Where Movies Rock

Aside from the small town charm, and breathtaking sights and vistas, Sedona, Arizona is home to one very special pastime, the Sedona International Film Festival. I had the pleasure of attending the 21st annual fest last weekend and boy was it a treat! Featuring over 160 narrative films, documentaries, and shorts, there is something for everyone during this nine-day-long event. Whether you set out to educate yourself on new topics, or you want to sit back, relax, and chow down on some popcorn during a comedy, there is a movie for you! While many of this year’s selections have been acclaimed both nationally and internationally, below are a couple of my favorites.


Sedona International Film Festival


The lovely narrative “Belle and Sebastian” took place in France during the Second World War and starred a young boy and a dog. While local farmers are determined to find and hunt the “beast,” aka Belle the Great Pyreneese – who they are convinced has been killing their sheep, Sebastian befriends her. The boy and dog not only go on providing comfort and company for each other, but end up playing a pivotal role in the lives of all those they cross paths with. If you’re a dog-lover, you’ll find this picture particularly heartwarming!


Sedona International Film Festival


Sedona International Film Festival

Zeus and me – one of the guest Great Pyreneese pups who made a special appearance following the film.


Sedona International Film Festival


This year’s audience choice winner, for Best Feature Film – Drama “Like Sunday, Like Rain” was one word: exquisite. Set in an affluent New York City neighborhood, this story shines a light on an extraordinarily intelligent pre-teen boy, Reggie and his nanny, Elanor, a young musician. Accepting of the other’s very different background, Reggie and Elanor’s bond gets stronger the more they discover about one-another. A plot synopsis will not do this narrative justice. Add Like Sunday, Like Rain to your must-see list ASAP and consider a trip to Sedona during next year’s movie marathon!


Sedona International Film Festival


Sedona International Film Festival


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Sedona International Film Festival


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