Accessorizing is key

While we are all capable of removing a dress from a hanger, slipping it on, and leaving the house, that is not what is going to set us apart from every other fashionista showing off their #ootd on Instagram. Accessorizing your look is key if you want to stand out in a crowd. In no way shape or form do I want to sound like I am “tooting my horn,” but it is just the truth!


A belt can do wonders. This is best displayed in the past post, When in Cabo Wear a Fiesta Dress. While the dress is quite fabulous on its own, the addition of a belt is a great way to incorporate your own personal touch. I chose a black and orange belt to bring out two less prominent colors in the fabric and to synch the waist.


One of the easiest ways to make an ensemble pop is to add a complimentary color aka opposite colors on the color wheel. Many athletic uniforms are made out of complimentary colors. Think the LSU Tigers (purple and gold) or the Miami Dolphins (orange and blue). This is the technique I used to style the Cherry On Top Dress with shoes, a belt and a necklace.



Using accessories to mix prints and textures is another great way to style an outfit highlighting your own unique taste. In the recent post Mixed Prints – it’s a Thing Now, I broke out a pair of contrasting sunglasses and clutch purse to jazz up the outfit. While nothing is wrong with classic blue and white stripes, I think we can all agree that this addition made the whole look more interesting.


Jewelry is by far my favorite kind of accessory! Not only is it sparkly and pretty, but it will effortlessly dress up your ensemble. This is evident in the post Suspenders the KK and GG Way. The turtleneck would not have worked it it weren’t for the necklace – it would’ve been too much fabric. The necklace and matching ring help balance out the high neck and earthy tones.


The next time you throw on your favorite little black dress, I hope you use this post as a guide to help you embellish and style your look! If you are reading the email version of this post, visit for the web version as well as helpful style tips and advice.

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