New Year Resolutions – 2017

Today’s edition of Wish List Wednesday is different from those in the past. Rather than novelty items I’m currently coveting, I have compiled a list of a few that will help me accomplish my New Year Resolutions. Hear me out!


Start the day with a checklist

“You’ll never accomplish the results you want until you are willing to do what you don’t necessarily want to do.” There is a difference between a to-do list in your head, and a tangible one you can hold. By writing out the tasks I wish to accomplish daily, I will hold myself accountable. This notepad would look pretty on my desk.


New Year Resolutions


Drink more water

They say, “drink eight glasses of water a day,” but how many of us actually do? I sure don’t! It is my goal to drink at least five cups a day starting today. Hydration is so important for the upkeep of our skin, but more importantly for our brains! Maybe a new water bottle will incentivize me to drink up.


New Year Resolutions


Go to bed by 11:30 during the work week

Going to bed “early” results in getting up early. This is a win win for many reasons. It means I will have edited and written my blog post between nine to five and that I’ll be a happier person the next day. If a new pair of pajamas and a sleep mask does not get me into bed earlier, nothing will!


New Year Resolutions


Take GG for longer walks

When you work from home it can be hard to unplug. By committing to taking GG for longer walks during my lunch break, not only will it make her happy, but it will force me to leave my desk for 60 minutes. Plus, fresh air is a great way to keep the creative juices flowing. I think these gold sneakers will motivate me to hit the streets.


New Year Resolutions


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