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Photography Tips for your Instagram Person

I am very lucky to have such a supportive family. When I’m not with Jonathan, my mom plays “Instagram Mom” without complaining! But asking someone to take your blog pics can be an intimidating task especially if they are not a seasoned photographer. Here are a few photography tips for your “Instagram Person” on the fly!



Shoot During the “Golden Hour”

Lighting plays a HUGE role in fashion photography. The lens of the camera is sensitive to sunlight the way our eyeballs are sensitive to it. The only difference is, our eyes automatically adjust to the elements. Rather than struggling with ISO, saturation, shadows, and light reflector screens, shoot with your amateur photographer during the “Golden Hour.” During this hour before sunset, the sun is higher in the sky and the light is juuuuust right for photos. Download the Rizon app and track the Golden Hour from anywhere in the world in the palm of your hand.



Shoot in Auto Focus

If you shoot with a DSLR camera, then you’re probably shooting in manual mode. When you shoot in manual mode, you have the ability to adjust how much light enters the lens (ISO), how fast the lens closes (shutter speed), and how much you want to be in focus (aperture or f/stop). I am definitely not an expert, but after three years of blogging I am finally comfortable with the different settings on the camera. Avoid blurry photos and set your camera to auto-focus (not automatic mode) when your Instagram friend is behind the camera. I shoot in manual mode with a Nikon D610. Not only do I set it to auto-focus, but I turn on the focus indicator beep. My mom wears reading glasses – it’s difficult for her to see the “focus squares” through the viewfinder. Instead of relying on those, she pushes the shutter halfway down and waits for the beep. The beep is her cue to push the shutter all the way down and snap the pic! Voila!



More Tips and Tricks

It’s hard to play stage manager, camera setter-upper, and fashion model at the same time. Reduce stress and practice your poses ahead of time! Take mirror selfies or jot down a few notes so that you remember what looked good and more importantly what didn’t. Finally, if you’re still struggling with blurry photos, consider shooting on a tripod to avoid “camera shake.” Tripods are inexpensive, collapsable, lightweight, and may just solve your photography blues.



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Thanks to my Instagram Mom for taking these photos.

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