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Three Reasons you should Own a Pair of Platform Shoes

I’ve been the same height since Junior High. As I sit here writing this article, I am wondering how this is my first pair of platform shoes?! But after rocking a pair during New York Fashion Week, I decided they deserved a dedicated post. So here we are and here are three reasons all of my fellow petite girls should own a pair of platforms!



Comfort Level

One of the biggest pain points (literally and figuratively) when it comes to high heel wearing is that they are rarely comfortable. The higher the heel, the higher the arch leaving the ball of your foot to bear the weight. Platform shoes eliminate the pain point. The sole and the heel of the shoe are level on the ground. Score!



Instant Boost

We all wear high heels for the same reason: to look taller. Buy a pair of platforms and you will comfortably accomplish just that. Petite girls rejoice! Platforms are typically about five inches tall. No matter how high-waisted your pants are, you will never be able to elongate the appearance of your legs as much as you can with a pair of these kicks.



Money Savers

How many times per year do you have your pants hemmed? If we have one thing in common it is our running tab at the tailor. When you own a versatile pair of platform shoes, you will save money on hem jobs. Try and it and let me know what you think! Peruse a catalogue of platform sandals below.



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Photography by Bailey Luna

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