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7 Years Married; 7 Reasons Our Marriage Works

Time flies when you’re having fun…as I sit here writing this post I am in disbelief that Jonathan and I have been stuck at the hip an “item” for the past NINE years and married for SEVEN! I thought it would be fun to share seven reasons our marriage works in honor of our wedding anniversary. But before I begin, let me preface by saying every courtship is different, and I am certainly not an expert in psychology.



Age is Just a Number

When we first started dating, our age difference only seemed to bother other people. It was never an issue for us and it has proven to be an important piece in our Kaplan family puzzle! Jonathan has a decade more of life experiences under his belt. As a result, he sees the world differently than I do. Jonathan is a very rational thinker – I guess that is what four years of medical school, five years of residency, and a two year fellowship will do to you! He helps me see things for what they are and helps me focus on what really matters. And yes, I “keep him young” but not in the traditional sense. Jonathan attributes much of his success on social media and marketing to “marrying a millennial.” He’s always evaluating my tricks of the trade and applying them where applicable to his ventures.



Besties for the Resties

Jonathan and I are best friends. We like the same things, we enjoy the same foods (Capaninna and Tony’s say whaaaat?!), and relish the same pastimes. San Francisco lovers…convince your significant other to ride a scooter. It’s the best way to experience date night in the city.



Give and Take

I am Jonathan’s number one fan, and he is mine! He is always one of the first people to “like” my photos on Instagram, and I still get so excited every time a new consult books surgery with him. We always support each other’s endeavors. He squeezes in blog photo shoots {in scrubs} in between patients, and attends “doggy brunch” in my place! I fill in as phone operator on a whim at the office, and I’m an unofficial Uber driver during conference season. Jonathan and I are more than life parters; we are business partners and I cannot imagine it any other way.



Time is Money

We’ve always respected each other’s time. Whether that’s time at work, time with friends/family, or time at the gym, we do not question each other’s decisions when it comes to time. As far as alone time…yeah that doesn’t really happen. We have more fun when we are together!



Opposites Don’t Always Attract

Jonathan and I have very similar personalities. We are both very social, forthright, motivated, extremely strong-willed, and share many of the same quirks. Contrary to popular beliefs, this works for us. Jonathan would be very bored in a relationship with someone who did not challenge him. I would be aggravated with a spouse who did not voice their own opinion.



Kaplan Team

We are a team. You mess with him, you mess with me, and honestly I cannot imagine anything scarier – #lookout! Jonathan is my Face ID when I am not around, and I am his voice when he cannot speak for himself.



Admire the Hustle

We share a genuine interest in each other’s careers. The transformations that occur at 2100 Webster Street never cease to amaze me! And after nearly a decade of “plastic surgery talk,” I am more than capable of conducting a knowledgeable and thoughtful consultation. Click here to book an appointment with yours truly. Ha! If it didn’t require 11 years of training, I would become a plastic surgeon tomorrow. Jonathan continually admires my clothing eidetic memory and ability to coordinate an outfit. I cannot remember where I put my phone two seconds after using it, but I can recall the outfit I wore to the second night Seder in 2010 (insert laughing emoji). Shortly after we were married, we attended a medical conference together in New Orleans. I’ll never forget when he called his mom just to tell her that he was with the “the best dressed woman at the convention center!” Now I would not go so far to say that he’d start a blog about fashion, but he is wearing martini slippers for goodness sake! Now for the million dollar question, who has a stronger shoe game?! Dr. or Mrs Bae?!



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