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Elevate your Mood in a Floral Suit

“Dress to Impress,” what does this phrase mean to you?! Does it mean you should dress yourself in clothes that that will impress others, or does it simply mean you should be thoughtful with the clothes you put on your body? I’m here to remind you that you can actually elevate your mood in the right outfit! Here are three tips to make that happen every time you walk out the door.



Think color

Yep, I said it…incorporate color into your ensemble and stand out from the crowd. Colors can subconsciously and consciously affect our mood. Think about it, when someone brings you a colorful bouquet of flowers you can’t help but smile. Well, whether it is you impressed with the vibrant outfit you put together, or the people around you, it gives off positive vibes. Tip: introduce bright hues into your wardrobe beginning with shoes and accessories.



Tame your Mane

“Dressing up” does not stop with the articles of clothing you put on your body. Set aside time to primp your hair. Ever since I was a little girl, bad hair days turned into bad everything else days! When you feel “put together” in the inside, it shows on the outside. I have Glamsquad on speed-dial and a hefty supply of dry shampoo to help avoid this dilemma.




Like what you wear

I’ll be the first to admit it, I am happier when I like my outfit! Quit settling for mediocre ensembles, and feel like a million bucks in everything you wear! If you follow this blog, then you know it’s possible without breaking the bank. So no excuses! Re-wear outfits you already know you love and freshen them up with accessories. If you’re an early riser, consider planning your looks at night. There is nothing worse than a dreaded “I have nothing to wear” moment when you’re crunched for time. My floral suit is 20% off with code LABORDAY20 – Happy (literally and figuratively) shopping!



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