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Wear your Dog’s Face on Your Sweatshirt!

Today someone asked me for the “pros and cons of adopting a dog in SF.” Simply put: there are none! I remember feeling so insecure with my decision to get a dog while we were living in Baton Rouge. Now when I think back at my indecisive self, it is comical! GG brings so much joy and sweetness to the world. I cannot believe I went 24 years of my life without her! Of course added responsibility comes with pet ownership, but it is worth every sacrifice and “chore.” Aside from her wonderful companionship, I attribute 90% of our friendships and “connections” in San Francisco to GG’s Shih Tzu sass! Dogs are instant conversation starters and a great way to meet new people. This also holds true when you are wearing one on your sweatshirt!


custom dog portrait sweatshirt


A few months ago I saw my friend Khanh, of @SweetandPetite_ on Instagram, wearing the CUTEST sweatshirt featuring her dog’s portrait. I had to have one of my own! This exact design is from the Etsy shop DogoholicShop. And just like the name suggests, it is home to all the tchotchkes and apparel for crazy dog moms and dads like yours truly! The Custom Dog Sweatshirt, Shirt, Gaitor Mask, Neck Tie, and Pillow are a few fan favorites. *Please note the slower than usual processing time due to Covid-19.


custom dog portrait top
custom dog portrait sweatshirt


Shih Tzu hair, Shih Tzu sweatshirt, and a real-life Shih Tzu…yeah I’m that girl (insert laughing emoji)! But while I have your attention, allow me to teach you a handy fashion hack. Believe it or not, this sweatshirt is hip length – I am only five feet tall. Crop sweatshirts are stylish and all the rage, but I have trouble cutting a straight piece of paper. Cutting a fleece-lined top is outside of my skillset. I skipped the scissors and tucked the bottom hem into my bra! It works like a charm for any longline shirt, and it doesn’t matter what kind of bra you are wearing. Cool, right?!


custom dog portrait apparel

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Sweatshirt, T-shirt, Tie, Pillow | Shorts | Sunglasses (look for less here) | Earrings

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