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33 Years and 33 Birthday Wishes

I know you are not supposed to recite your wishes out-loud, but considering blowing out birthday candles is a thing of the past, “asking” the universe seems appropriate in 2021. May we all manifest a year full of good fortunes, and stylish outfits that make it out of our living rooms! I am feeling very hopeful.



33 Things I am Hopeful/Looking Forward to in 2021

  1. Meeting Baby Bae. I am officially 52 days away from my due date and it’s hard to think about anything else! Will he look like a mini version of Jonathan?! What will his personality be like?!
  2. While we are on the topic of babies, I cannot wait to meet all the covid babies in my friends group! Never in a million years did I think we’d all be parents the next time we saw each other. A lot can happen in a year.
  3. I hope to celebrate my dad’s life in the most colorful way possible. When he passed away last spring we were at the peak of the pandemic. Funerals, memorials, or any “social” gathering with people outside of your home were strictly prohibited in Connecticut. He deserves a party.
  4. I cannot wait to get the Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available to me and experience a sense of normalcy again.
  5. Leaving the house without a mask…the day that can happen will be one for the books. I am hopeful it’ll happen later this year.
  6. To Worry less. I know what you are thinking…when you become a mother you always worry. While I understand where you are coming from, this is different. I am sick of worrying about everyone else. Will Jonathan contract the virus at work from an asymptomatic carrier? Will my mom choose the checkout line with the cashier who is unaware they are shedding the virus? Worrying about the last person to touch the doorknob…the list goes on.
  7. Speaking of my mom, I cannot wait to see her again. We’ve been on separate coasts since May and Baby Bae needs his Bubbie!
  8. Flying on an airplane will be a delight. It will be an “event” like it was in the olden days…so I hear!
  9. I fantasize of relaxing on the beach in Hawaii. My definition of paradise.
  10. But before we travel outside of California (after being vaccinated of course), I cannot wait to enjoy city life to the fullest. It has been months since we’ve been able to dine inside of a restaurant, or meet after work for happy hour.
  11. Wine and dine in Napa Valley. No explanation needed.
  12. I look forward to the day it is safe enough for us to introduce our son to our siblings and extended families.
  13. Entertaining houseguests. When we moved to SF it was important to me to have a guest bedroom. We live across the country from our families. When they come to visit we like them to be close! Same goes for out of town friends – you know who you are!
  14. Witness GG become the best big sister!
  15. Attend in-person events and meetings. Zoom is great but I am OVER IT.
  16. I do not mean to come off as vain, but if regular manicures are in my future I will not take it for granted.
  17. Wear Lipstick…I miss it. The mask-life doesn’t really allow for it.
  18. I never thought I would say this, but I look forward to the day I shop for my own groceries. Delivery is so convenient but I lack inspiration with my dinner menu when I’m not walking the aisles.
  19. Simply put, shooting blog pics with a photographer will be luxurious!
  20. I am hopeful I’ll be able to play field hockey next fall.
  21. Resuming Spanish lessons. It is very important to me that Baby Bae is exposed to his latino heritage and that he learns to speak the language.
  22. Callin’ Baton Rouge. I cannot wait to go to Tiger Stadium for a LSU football game. GEAUX TIGERS!
  23. I think this goes without saying but here’s to visiting and double dating with friends when it is deemed safe to do so!
  24. I cannot wait to wear my quirky outfits to more than just the living room. This HILARIOUS TikTok video is a perfect depiction of my thoughts exactly. Insert laughing emoji.
  25. Dressing my baby boy – bring it on!
  26. I would love the opportunity for more TV time aka on-air experience!
  27. Diversifying my small business. I am looking forward to delving into a new vertical and sharing the baby products I cannot live without.
  28. Joining a mom group. I can only imagine how many valuable resources would be available to me!
  29. Meeting new friends. The more the merrier.
  30. Attending an in-studio workout class.
  31. Hosting a dinner party.
  32. Eating a deli sandwich….I prefer salads to sandwiches but now that I can’t have one, (pregnant women are advised to avoid consuming deli meat because they are more susceptible to food borne illness), I crave subs constantly.
  33. Wearing my high heels. If I’m rocking heels it means we are back to regular scheduled programing. I dream of the day, and I imagine you do too!


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A special thanks to Bump Biddy for outfitting me for my birthday!

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    Happy Birthday!

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      Thank you!

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