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It’s official! We survived the very challenging newborn phase. Emilio, aka #BabyBae, “Brother,” is officially 11 weeks old today. In honor of his 11th week Earth-side, I am sharing my list of New Mom Must-Haves. Whether you are expecting and building your registry, or just figuring out the whole new parent thing, get ready to take notes, bookmark this page, or forward it to a friend! Please note the items below are listed at random. I use each and every one around the clock!

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My Brest Friend will become your loyal sidekick just like the name suggests. This item is the smartest nursing pillow on the market. I have tried the Boppy and the Niche Organic Cotton Feeding Pillow (love this for lounging with baby on the couch instead). My Brest Friend beats them all. To begin, it’s very dense – supportive for both you and your baby. It also features an adjustable waist…think of it as a foam strap-on shelf with a waterproof cover. You can easily wipe it down after each use with a wet wipe. Save yourself the laundry and add this item to your baby registry STAT. 

The Haakaa Manual Breast Pump with Suction Base perfectly compliments my favorite pillow. This gadget is essential to ensure a dry milk “let down.” Better yet, it is compact and completely cordless. When your little one is nursing on one side, pop the haakaa on the other breast and collect that liquid gold. Due to the pump’s shape, your little one can kick it off if you’re feeding in the cradle position. Consider a football hold instead. I can only speak to my experience with this product, but Haakka also makes a round shaped “milk collector.” The only thing is I cannot imagine the suction being as strong. Speaking of, make sure you buy the manual breast pump WITH the suction base and lid. The base makes it so it can’t tip over on your nightstand or countertop and obviously the lid helps preserve the milk. 


Diaper Changing

The more your baby eats, the more dirty diapers you discard. I LOVE my Ubbi Diaper Pail. Not only is it odor locking, but it is aesthetically pleasing – I have the marble one. It offers a sliding lid with a child proof lock, and the steel construction makes it easy to wipe clean (although I put the dirty diapers in GG’s poop bags before discarding them in the pail). Supposedly it holds 35 diapers but I definitely fit more than that in there!

It’s funny, once you become a mother you become totally desensitized from bodily fluids. So while I don’t mind applying diaper rash preventative cream with my finger to my baby’s bottom, the Baby Bum Brush is a great alternative. It’s made out of flexible silicone and super easy to wash.

You will never do more laundry in your life than the amount of laundry you do when you have a new baby. I CANNOT BELIEVE CLOTH CHANGING PADS ARE LEGAL. Save yourself the hassle and time and buy the Keekaroo “peanut changer.” This thing is BRILlIANT. I don’t know exactly what it is made out of, but it feels like a really thick, soft, buttery rubber that is water-resistant and supremely easy to wipe clean and dry. It’s also light enough to move from room to room if you need more than one safe space to change diapers in your home. Simply put, there is no better way to change diapers! TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!  

Ok, Jonathan doesn’t have an opinion about many baby items because he knows my preferences will outweigh his. Just being honest. So, when he does voice an opinion, it is usually noteworthy! From his mouth to your ears, Water Wipes are the bomb! They are pricier than the other brands, I can’t deny it, but they clean better because they are wetter and you’ll only pull one out at a time. If you know, you know…😂. This alone makes the steeper price tag worth it. You will end up wasting half the wipes out of the less expensive package because 5 wipes come out with one pull! Spend more and waste less with Water Wipes.



Living space in San Francisco is SACRED! Every square inch must be used thoughtfully. The Stokke Sleepi crib collection is genius. Emilio has been sleeping in the Sleepi Mini since birth. It is a great alternative to a bedside bassinet because it’s on wheels, and it grows with your baby. Thanks to the extension kit, this piece of furniture is suitable for 0-10 years of age. I feel like we’re ahead of the game because brother is already used to sleeping in a crib. See it styled here and add this sleep system to your new mom must-haves list.

While I was pregnant, I crowd-sourced on Instagram to get the lowdown on the hottest baby monitors. I chose the Nanit, and have been SO happy with my decision. I LOVE that it connects to my phone so I can check on baby as long as I have service, switch on the nightlight, snap a photo, or talk to him among other things. It also provides useful insights that will help you sleep train your little babe, and sends you push notifications when sound or movement is detected. I genuinely look forward to Emilio’s sleep summary each morning because it reassures me that we are on the right track. Hallelujah! Note: depending on your nursery setup, this item is available in floor stand, or wall mount models with optional table top stand.

While we’re on the subject of sleep, let’s talk swaddles. The Ollie is the best. Period. Don’t take my word for it though…there is a perpetual waitlist to get your hands on one because every mother in America has heard of it’s greatness. It’s crafted out of a soft and stretchy fleece-lined fabric with velcro closures. No little escape artists are gonna break out of this thing! The Ollie is highly recommended by sleep consultants everywhere. Now good luck…this is one item worth searching for!



If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I’m a HUGE fan of the BABYBJÖRN leopard collection. The Bouncer Bliss is the sole reason this article is live! It makes working from home possible. The baby carrier is pretty self explanatory, but it truly makes what could be considered the hassles of city living things of the past. 

Throughout my pregnancy and now into motherhood, I’ve made it a point to stay true to my style, but I am so glad that I did not purchase a designer purse to function as a diaper bag. The Levy Backpack by HAPP is extremely chic and functional. Whether it’s hanging on my stroller, or on my back, this lavish diaper bag never takes away from my outfit, it enhances it. Featuring multiple compartments and an optional changing pad, conveniently store all of your baby essentials and make life on the go breezy. Take advantage of Mother’s Day sales today!

The Dock-A-Tot…is it worth it? I say yes, but it is the only “lounger” I have experience with. Regardless, you need a safe place to put your new baby down when he/she is not in the crib. The Dock-A-Tot satisfies this need and is available in a variety of colors. You can easily coordinate with your nursery or home decor. I must admit it is not the most enjoyable item to launder, but it is machine washable so that is a plus. Please note Dock-A-Tot makes two docks…the Deluxe+ Dock is suitable for newborns.


There you have it! These new mom must-haves were essential to my newborn survival kit. Sharing is caring. If you know a new mom or have a friend who is expecting, help a sister out and forward her this article. Stay tuned for more baby and me content coming soon!

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