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Your Guide to Creating a Nursery Nook in your Master Bedroom

Living space in San Francisco is SACRED! Every square inch must be used thoughtfully. When I found out I was expecting, I knew I wanted to set up a temporary space for the baby in our master bedroom (I’m not ready to covert our guest bedroom into a child’s room just yet!). I wanted the space to appear elegant and for the room to remain a comfortable oasis for our family. If you too are looking for an efficient solution for your new baby, bookmark this page and start compiling a nursery nook check list!



A Cozy Corner

First things first: designate a corner of the room for the baby’s sleep space. And while you’re at it, make it on mom’s side of the bed. No disrespect to dad, but mom is baby’s world those first few days earth-side. Once you pick a spot, slap a “label” on it with some wall decor. Maybe you have a beautiful name sign to hang, or perhaps wall paper or a wall decal. Regardless, stick with the style or theme you’ve already established in your master bedroom. It is important to remember that we are designing a temporary space. Whatever additions you make should look good with or without baby gear! I chose the latter, and adorned the baby’s corner with a beautiful metallic gold tree decal. As far as sleeping…(or lack there of LOL) I am so happy with my decision to go with a “mini crib.” Not only does it fill the space perfectly, but it is on wheels and converts into a full size crib. It can therefore double as a bedside bassinet, and a corner sleep solution. I have so many good things to say about this piece of furniture but, I’ll save my comments for a comprehensive product review.


Changing Station

If this post is relevant to you, then you have a lot of dirty diapers in your future. No nursery nook is complete without a changing station. Many stylish changing tables exist, but if you need to save as much space as possible, you can easily transform your chest of drawers into a diaper changing station! I accomplished this by topping my dresser with a changing peanut, and these luxe diaper caddies. Don’t forget, your reclaimed changing station can also function as an armoire. I moved my belongings out of the dresser and into the platform storage bed so that I could easily access the baby’s clothes instead. Don’t forget a diaper pail for your changing station – a nursery nook essential to keep your room fresh! This is the one I recommend.


Sitting Area

Ok, we have the crib covered and a changing area, now let’s talk about seating arrangements. If you have the space, I highly recommend adding a plush glider or rocker to your nursery nook. The newborn stage is nothing short of exhausting. The days are long and the nights are even longer. Having a comfortable spot to cat nap is imperative. But if you don’t have the floor space (we didn’t), consider a supportive reading pillow for your bed. I transformed the window sill into a plush lounging area, and I’ve truly enjoyed story time here. Your nursery nook is now complete! For a list of items in my newborn survival kit click here.


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