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Bay Area Puerto Rican Cuisine

My fascination with food began at an early age. In the early 90’s I lived in Puerto Rico. Sunday was my favorite day of the week but not because it was the weekend, rather because of the food! It became tradition to chow down on traditional Puerto Rican cuisine every Sunday at lunchtime. Even at a young age I learned to appreciate the rice and beans and wondered what was the secret ingredient that made them so decadent?! Aside from arroz y habichuelas, other memorable items include: rotisserie chicken, plantains, and cubanos. Fast-forward roughly 25 years and here we are in San Francisco continuing the Sunday Funday Fooday tradition!


Introducing Sol Food, the Bay Area’s premier Puerto Rican cafetería. Just a 10 minute jaunt over the Golden Gate Bridge, sits your new favorite lunch spot. I can honestly say this is the best Puerto Rican cuisine you’ll find on the mainland. But don’t take my word for it, experience it for yourself, the line and all!


The Plantains

Confession: I am a plantain-aholic…I wish I was kidding! Sol Food has taken my addiction to a whole new level offering both sweet and savory options. Inka whaaaat? While the sweet plantains are a luscious fried treat, the “tostones” are OUT OF THIS WORLD. I refer to them as Latin latkes. Smashed green plantain cakes fried and topped with garlic. My stomach just growled typing that out. Wash them down with orange-mango iced tea.

Puerto Rican cuisine


The Beans

It is no secret that rice and beans are a staple in the Latin American diet. Every country has their own version, their own “secret sauce.” Mark my words, Puerto Rican pink beans are exquisite. And this is coming from a Colombian! Perfectly seasoned and garnished with green olives, never have I ever enjoyed a vegetarian side dish as much as the frijoles rosados at Sol Food. But don’t be afraid to try the black beans sometime…they’re second best.



The Meat

Slow cooked to perfection, the boneless chicken thighs are my favorite meat option. You can cut ’em with a fork – they’re so tenderly delicious. For the heavier eater, the half chicken or steak and onions are both good options. One day I’ll try a sandwich on the famed pressed bread. Regardless, remember to top your entree with “Pique” sauce. I’ve never been one to “need” ketchup with my fries, or Tabasco with my tacos until I discovered Pique sauce. I’m officially THAT girl. Luckily it’s available for purchase by the bottle. Buy the 24 oz and thank me later.


Puerto Rican cuisine


Get a taste of the Caribbean with some Puerto Rican cuisine in the heart of Marin County. Sol Food Mill Valley is located at 401 Miller Avenue open daily Monday through Friday 10am – 9pm and 9am – 9pm on the weekends. Arrive early and leave completely satisfied. Stay tuned for your guide to the appropriate attire.


Reservations: No
Patio: Yes
Dog-Friendly: Yes
Take-out: Yes
Delivery: Yes – I’d pay big bucks for them to cross the bridge to SF. Until then, I’ll load up my FasTrak.

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