Chubby Noodle San Francisco All You Can Eat Brunch
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Chubby Noodle SF: All You Can Eat Brunch

San Francisco residents take brunch very seriously. Waiting in hour long lines is like a right of passage…been there done that. But it takes a special offering before a “cult following” forms. Chubby Noodle has taken the “all you can eat” brunch concept to a tangy new level and foodies of SF are responding accordingly!


The Lowdown

So what makes Chubby Noodle a San Francisco brunch hotspot? The very enticing $39 all you can eat special! For 90 minutes, order whatever your heart desires off of the food and beverage menu. This is not a drill! Between 14 dim sum items and four adult beverages, rest assured you’ll leave completely satisfied and a little bit chubbier. As far as the atmosphere, it’s lively and loud. I do not recommend bringing Bubbie…unless she is a fan of hip hop music! Just take my word for it…

Chubby Noodle San Francisco All You Can Eat Brunch

The Drinks

The only “girly” things in life that I typically do not enjoy are mimosas and sparkling wines. I know, it’s weird, but just the thought of brut gives me a headache. Well, they must have spiked the drinks with something magical because I indulged in the the “Hoang Mimosa” and “Jose Rose Sangria” and thoroughly enjoyed both. Also on the menu is “Cold Tea” aka sake, or Sapporo beer.

Chubby Noodle San Francisco All You Can Eat Brunch

The Chubby Noodles

Once you have your beverage in hand and you’re jammin’ to some sweet tunes, it is time to EAAAATTT. It’s important to note that we (Jonathan and I) did not eat the pork or shrimp items and the chef was very accommodating! I would not go as far as asking for gluten free/vegan options though – that’s what Seed + Salt is for (insert winking emoji)! Anyway, stand out items include: szechuan green beans (crack in vegetable form), kung pao wings, chilled ramen, and chubby chicken chow mein (surprise surprise!).

Chubby Noodle San Francisco All You Can Eat Brunch

The Verdict

Overall, I give chubby noodle two thumbs up. Will you spend less or more money at a traditional dim sum restaurant? Not really. Regardless, the all you can eat brunch is a great way to dine as a first timer. Now that I have my favorite dishes, I’ll look forward to enjoying them in the comfort of my own home. Delivery service is available via Caviar! For reservation inquires in the Marina at 2205 Lombard Street or 1310 Grant Avenue in North Beach, click here.


Reservations: Yes
Outdoor Seating: No
Bar: Wine and beer
Attire: Casual – click here for outfit inspiration

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