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Get Rid of Dark Circles with Belotero

Last Friday I turned 31 and I did a “thing.” I walked to Jonathan’s office to have him inject Belotero under my eyes to conceal my infamous dark circles. Yep, I said it, I underwent a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. The entire process was about 15 minutes long and I left 2100 Webster Street Suite 429 feeling more confident than ever!



You all know I always share my beauty secrets (well then technically they are not really secrets, are they?!). Like when micro-blading my eyebrows changed my life, and when I finally came to the realization that washing my hair less was the key to luscious locks. Well, this one is different. When people find out that my husband is a plastic surgeon, I feel like I am immediately judged. It’s like I want to save them the trouble and say, “no I am not all plastic!” For as long as I can remember I have been self-conscious about my dark circles. I’ve talked about them here and if you follow my Insta stories you know I am always trying the next best thing to cover them up (Laura Mercier Brightening Powder for the win!)



Before I left the house I sent a very similar text to two friends. I wanted to share this experience with my audience, but I was afraid of coming across as shallow. I was not looking for reassurance – I have been complaining about these buggers for years! I simply wanted to know if putting myself out there would bring value to my insta friends! The only reason I routinely wear foundation is to cover my dark circles, I am very fortunate to have clear skin. I am not trying to change my look either, I just don’t want to wear so much makeup! Well, I am SO glad I listened to Megan and Ava because the response I received was overwhelmingly positive.



As it turns out, many of you have seriously considered getting filler under your eyes to conceal dark circles too! DOOOOOOO IT! I cannot even articulate how happy I am with the result. Never mind the time saved since last Friday. This treatment WORKS and it is relatively painless. Today marks day five going free of shape tape concealer. I could never go back…I guess it’s time to re-write my Five Time-Saving Beauty Tips article! For a video summary of my experience, click here or watch the clip above. Otherwise, find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding filler for dark circles here:

What is the difference between Belotero, Juvederm, and Restylane?

None whatsoever! They are all made of the same chemical compound. The only distinguishing factors are their manufacturers. Belotero is manufactured by Merz, Juvedem by Allergen, and Restylane by Galderma. Just like Puffs and Kleenex, folks! Jonathan treated my dark circles with Belotero.

What are the possible side effects?

Temporary bruising and swelling. Luckily I experienced neither as you can see in my before and after photo.

How often do you have to get treated

Every 9-12 months.

Does it hurt?

In general, the lower eyelid area is a fairly insensitive part of the body. Of course you will feel the stick of the needle, but it is a very fine point. If you have a low pain tolerance, ask your doctor if he or she can perform a “dental block” to numb the middle of your face. In San Francisco, this is a @realdrbae specialty!

Does this treatment work for under eye bags too?

Yes, filler (Belotero, Juvederm, or Restylane) injections to the tear troughs will help camouflage the appearance of under eye bags too.

How much does filler to the under eyes cost?

Great question! Submit a “wishlist” from a doctor near you in exchange for an online quote here. Get $50 off when you mention this blog post at Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery.


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