Veggetti pasta and meatballs
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Dinner is Served: Veggetti and Meatballs

When you’re craving the fixings for a traditional Italian dish, but you could do without the carbs, turn to the Veggetti! This kitchen gadget for under $15 actually works and is extremely easy to use. In the photos below, I prepared my meatballs and tomato sauce hours before in the slow-cooker, then garnished my veggie noodles with the meatball concoction. My favorite recipe for Crock Pot Italian Turkey Meatballs is from the archives of


Here is what you’ll need to whip up your favorite pasta dish (minus the pasta!):


Veggetti pasta and meatballs


  • Veggetti
  • small bowl
  • Gourmet Recipe Guide
  • zucchini, squash, or veggie of choice
  • prepared sauce or topping


Step one: Wash vegetables and peel them if you choose.


Step two: Remove cover from veggetti and insert zucchini into either the end  marked “thin” or the end marked “thick.” Gripping metal holders, twist the zucchini clockwise. When zucchini gets too short, use cover to continue twisting.


Veggetti pasta and meatballs

Veggetti pasta and meatballs


Step three: Bring water to a boil and add zucchini pasta for two minutes only. Refer to the recipe guide for recommended cooking times.


Step four: Drain zucchini noodles and top with your favorite sauce and enjoy!


Veggetti pasta and meatballs

Veggetti pasta and meatballs


For a limited time only, buy one get one veggetti free! Order yours today.


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