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2 Ingredient Dessert

If you’re pinched for time but you’ve agreed to bring a dessert to your friend’s dinner party, whip up (literally and figuratively) this two ingredient chocolate mousse! Thanks to our friends over at JELL-O for concocting a delicious instant pudding mix, add two cups of heavy whipping cream, mix it up, and voila! Normally I would write out the steps for you to follow but aside from the advice to use an electric mixer, there is nothing left to tell. It’s as easy as pie. Speaking of, it would make for a delectable pie filling…


2 ingredient dessert


As you can see, I am serving my mousse with strawberries and marshmallow skewers. Although any fruit would taste great, that is what I was craving today. I topped the mousse with chocolate chips just for decoration. Omit them if you please, or drizzle with crushed nuts for some added texture.


2 ingredient dessert

2 ingredient dessert


Do you need to take the overall presentation to the next level? Scoop chocolate mouse into miniature dessert cups, sprinkle with powdered  sugar, serve with sliced strawberries, a side of bubbly, and enjoy.


There you have it, the world’s easiest dessert. A special thanks to my friend Chelsea for introducing me to this wonderful confection. If you are reading this post from your email, visit for the web version and a variety of other other sweet treat recipes.

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