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My Haircare Routine

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive via Instagram is, “what is your haircare routine?” I consider myself low maintenance when it comes to my hair…probably the only ounce of me that is low maintenance! I’ve trained myself to wash my hair three times per week MAXIMUM as a time saving measure and to be perfectly honest, I switch up products often. Today however, I am sharing the hair products currently in rotation. Hear me out!


Wash and Condition

Biolage has been one of my go-tos since I can remember. It smells devine! However, once I crossed into the dry shampoo era, deep cleaning products became a priority. This Bumble and bumble “Sunday” formula was fine, but I did not feel the need to fill ‘er back up. Last month I was gifted shampoo and conditioner from Living Proof (20% off for Cyber Monday)…I almost included it in a beauty bundle giveaway. I’m glad I didn’t! Suddenly my at-home blowouts last longer. Either I am getting better at doing it myself, the formula is that long-lasting, or it’s a combination of the two. Regardless, I’m happy! Tip: if your hair runs on the oily side, refrain from applying conditioner to your roots.


Post Wash, Pre Dry

I have fine strands of hair, but a lot of ’em! As a result, my hair tangles when it’s wet. I use this product by Garnier Fructis to detangle my hair, eliminate frizz, and protect it from heat. This is a great drugstore find as it is a 3-in-1 and only $4. When I am craving volume, I apply this volumizing mousse (30% off with code CYBERGLAM) to my roots after I’ve brushed out my wet hair with a wide-tooth comb.


Hair Dryer/Blow Dyer

I’ve tried many hair dryers over the years. From Revlon, Chi (until it literally exploded on me), to T3, but I am not convinced that high-end devices yield better results. At least for my hair type! I never travel with a hair dryer, and I can’t say I’m unhappy with my hotel room blowouts. Instead, it is the brush that matters, and luckily it won’t take up too much room in your suitcase! I use this round brush. But since we are on the topic of hairdryers, this model by T3 is what I currently use. I like it because it is not an eyesore on my bathroom counter, it has three heat and two speed setting options, as well as a “lock-in cool shot button.”  


Curls and Beyond

It is human nature to want what we can’t have. So when I’m “over” my stick straight hair, I curl it! But before applying heat, I use this heat styling spray (it can be used on dry OR wet hair!). I have the best luck with Conair curling wands and the T3 singlepass curling iron. For whatever reason, tapered barrels do not work for my hair type. In between washes, this is the holy grail product. Four day old hair has never looked so good! Tip: for luscious beach waves, curl your hair away from your face, wait for the curls to cool, then finger comb your hair or gently brush through the ends with your round brush. Apply this finishing spray for texture and body (30% off with code CYBERGLAM).


Did I forget something?! Believe it or not, hairspray is not apart of my haircare routine! Shop my haircare products below:
Shampoo (20% off) | Conditioner (20% off)| 3-in-1 Cream | Volumizing Mousse (30% off with code CYBERGLAM)| Wide-tooth Comb | Hairdryer (25% off with code MONDAY19) | Round Brush | Curling Iron (25% off with code MONDAY19)| Heat Protectant | Dry Shampoo | Texturing Spray (30% off with code CYBERGLAM)


Photography by Bailey Luna.

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